Jan Sutherland, End Of Life Consultant

Advanced Care Planning is an opportunity to discuss the care you do and don't want at end of life.

What does an End of Life Doula (consultant) do and why would I want to hire one?

Facing the end of life of someone you love or care for is often a very challenging, confusing and overwhelming journey.                 

There are a myriad of things to plan for and manage, options to explore, choices to make as well as medical and life issues to navigate.   

"The honest thing I can say about the doulas in my network is everyone has been through a personal process of death. From my personal experience coming from a difficult situation at my mum’s end of life, I was seeking answers to improve the end of life process so others don’t have to experience the same pain." 

I am following my heart to help those in need of care, with empathy and compassion and act as their advocate to provide non-medical, holistic support and comfort to the dying person and their family, which may include education and guidance as well as emotional, spiritual or practical care.  e.  

Looking For Help and Support During These Emotional Times

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I help people with their end of life planning.  Simply having a will is not enough . If you want more information about how I can help you, please read an excerpt of my E-guide by clicking the button below.  

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